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NEW music sharing feature

*This is a fictional Designlab capstone project, and is in no affiliation with the Spotify company



  • Designlab challenged us to create a feature called the "Sync" feature that could be integrated into the Spotify App.  

  • In a nutshell, the feature would allow users to sync their phones with other Spotify users to listen to the same music they are listening to in real time.

  • The new feature would align with the current Spotify brand.  


  • This feature must allow users to listen to the same music no matter where they are.  Some of my primary questions were:

    • Why would users share music privately or publicly?

    • Why would users sync their music?

    • What specific Spotify persona would receive the greatest value from this feature?


  • Introduce a new feature in the Spotify app that would give users the ability to sync their songs with others.

Part 1: empathize

  • I started by thinking about the various use cases for this feature.  

  • I needed to determine how the feature would bring value to Spotify users.  

  • I drafted a research plan and went out to find my answers.  

  • I discovered that users were most inclined to use this type of feature to:

    • Share music with friends 

    • See what type of music people are listening to around the world

    • To enhance their productivity

User Research: Survey & Interviews


Part 2: Define

  • Gaining insights from my research I developed 2 personas and a use case for the feature.

  • My particular case revolved around two remote friends who wanted to share their music as they work through the night on a project.


Empathy Map


Feature Matrix


Part 3: Ideate + Prototype

  • I mocked up a few designs playings

  • I had to keep the internal branding in mind, and needed to figure where exactly to insert this feature within the app.




App Map




User Flow Map


First Version


Part 5: Test + Iterations

  • I tested the initial version and found areas for improvement

    • Click photo below to see usability results

Usability Tests





Prototype and Key Features made with Principle


Next Steps

  • Incorporate the necessary changes to the design based on the user testing insights.

  • Design and integrate an on boarding process for new users to introduce them to this feature.