Gavin Basuel
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Statemodel R&D Engineering Calculator

Designing an application for My friend a student in the University of Washington Masters engineering program.


I was approached by my friend who was researching at the University of Washington School of engineering.  He explained that he would need some help designing the Front End & User Experience of his engineering application.  Project Linked Here



Making this particular engineering calculation required engineers to reference multiple photos to measure out dimensions of models.  This process was tedious, and usually takes 20 minutes or longer to do this by hand.

Design Goal

Create a responsive online calculator application for that will help UW engineer students, and improve the tedious process of making this engineering calculation.

My role

User Experience Design, Front End Code. Some back end contributing to the python code of the application.


University School of Engineering


UW Engineering Students, and other engineers

Product Description

State Model R&D is an application that allows engineers to perform a state equation calculation. 

Features overview

State Model R&D allows engineers to enter system information and get the state equation matricies and the transfer function. 

First page

This page served as an introduction to the calculator. As a returning user, we provided a way to begin a new model or open an existing file from a past calculation.   We also had included a way to see an example if they are unfamiliar with how the calculation works.

Screen 1.png

Upload a file

This is where users could upload their past calculations. I made sure to clearly state what file formats they were able to upload.

Upload a photo

The engineers needed to upload a digital version of their model usually this would be a photo of their model.  The idea was that as they continue to scroll down, the image would also scroll down as they complete the measurements on the next page.

Measurements page

Here is where the engineers could input their numbers.  The image would scroll down on the left side of the page as they scroll.  


We had given the option to export the calculation in 5 different languages.  They also had the ability to change the format of the equation.  They answer would be plugged into the boxes below, and they could copy or download their calculation.  Initially I had a positioned start over button on the bottom, but I ended up repositioned this.