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Prototype | User Research | Persona's | Wireframe | Conversational UI 

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A food allergy app for young adults



  • Through conversation, Easy.Eats makes it easy for young adults to manage their food allergies on the go.  

  • Ezra is a chat bot within the app that helps people interpret confusing food labels, track allergies, and manage their Epipen.

  • Less worrying about allergies, more living an allergy-free life!  



  • The solution will be conversation based, and user-friendly application designed for the vulnerable young adult population.

  • First, this app will help the user track their food allergies.

  • Second, design a native Chat bot. 


Part 1: empathize

  • Before getting started, I researched key aspects of the project.

  • First was understanding Food Allergies.  I read through forums and interviewed people with food allergies.  

    • What are people allergic to?

    • How do they normally navigate through the food landscape?

    • What problems do they face?

    • How can a food allergy app  cater to their needs?

    • How do they already solve their allergy/ dietary problems?

    • Through what digital medium can a problem be addressed?

  • With the competitive Analysis, and market research I found that there is an opportunity to help younger adults with food allergies.  


Part 2: define

  • I began to hone in on the 'younger persona' for my application, and a define who that was.

  • Next I began to brainstorm solutions to solve the food allergy problem.  

  • After researching the vast landscape of apps built for 'younger adults', I landed upon a simple conversational UI.

  • I then planned out the various questions and responses the Ezra the chat bot would answer.

Designing a conversation

Designing a conversation


Part 3:  ideate + Prototype

  • Moving forward with the process, I sketched wireframes and created a digital mockup.

  • I had also developed a mood board to guide the design theme.

Mood Board

Mood Board

Version 1

Version 1


Part 4: Test


Part 5: Iterate + Final UI



Proposed UI

Next steps

  • Designs should be revised based on user testings and new solutions should be retested

  • Design and test additional components and flows that could be added to this feature

  • Decisions should be made about how or if aspects of this feature will be incorporated into the rest of the application