Gavin Basuel


b. 1986, HK.


Hey I’m Gavin Basuel

Full Stack User Experience Designer, Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist, and Funnel Hacker.

Aiming to serve E-Commerce businesses through design thinking. Constantly self-educating with a white-belt mentality, boosting conversions through design thinking, and solve problems with empathy & entrepreneur mindset.

CLIENTS and projects :

  • Farmers Market Hawaii - Ecommerce

  • Revive CBD Labs - Ecommerce

  • Hemp Pharmaceutics - Ecommerce

  • Broadband Consultants - Website Redesign

  • 808IDR8 - Ecommerce

  • Noyoro - Ecommerce

  • +Several dozens of Small Businesses - Sales Funnels


I’m an individual who thrives on solving problems. I developed my foundation in design theory at Designlab UX Academy. After 520 hours of project-based work or 3 months, I received mentorship from the worlds best UX designers, connected with other students around the globe to practice design thinking. I learned the entire user experience design process and built strong skills in each pillar of User Experience: from research to ideation, visual design, prototyping and testing.

I'm an industry professional who specializes on e-commerce design. I'm in tune with today's mobile, web, tablet, and VR patterns. Constantly learning to keep sharp: reading & writing on Medium, filming, and starting dialogues with industry professionals in the Pacific Northwest.

I am always on the lookout to work with company that values innovation, collaboration, design thinking, and user-centered design. When not designing or practicing how to code, I'm hanging up my degree in Science Technology and Society from the University of Washington, rolling in Jiu Jitsu, training on my road bike, or running my e-commerce businesses.